Welcome to the world's 1st backpack with a built-in chair, that allows one to "SIT DOWN ANYWHERE”.

BAGOBAGO was established in 2012 when three brothers, together with their father Roman, patented the world's first backpack with a built-in chair. As the word of mouth spread out, the company started to grow from a DIY family business to a small scale manufactory. To this day, BAGOBAGO backpacks have been purchased and loved by thousands of customers from around the world.


The BAGOBAGO Backpack Model line consists of a collection of its patented sitting backpacks.  Combining contemporary Backpack fashion with their signature built-in chair, the Ulysses and Gulliver, and the original BAGOBAGO Pioneer models were carefully designed and originally targeted to meet both urban and outdoor needs. Whether on a trip, visiting a gallery, or waiting on long lines, BAGOBAGO lived up to its reputation that when there is no place to comfortably sit down when you need it the most - carry the extremely lightweight and durable BAGOBAGO BACKPACK and you won't want to leave home without it!

Enter Jordan M. Wiener, the Chief Executive Officer of  BAGOBAGO-USA, a Delaware Limited Liability Company that recently acquired the sole and exclusive US distribution rights for the BAGOBAGO's BACKPACKS, thus forming an affiliate distribution network blanketing the US, its territories and possessions. The focus of BAGOBAGO-USA falls in line with the main theme of its Czech Republic Company counterpart: to be able to "Sit Down Anywhere."  

Having suffered a catastrophic accident over 12 years ago, our CEO Jordan M. Wiener has undergone years of physical  therapy.  Hours, days, weeks, months and years of determination and hard work eventually helped Jordan  to walk again.  He currently only requires the assistance of a carbon fiber cane due to the effects of his accident and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) he suffered.   It is interesting to point out that during the time Jordan was receiving physical therapy throughout the USA, from San Diego, California, to Central Florida, from Philadelphia (Einstein Gait Clinic), to Orlando, Miami, Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Coral Springs, Florida and on up to New York City, at no time was he introduced by his physical therapists (a total of 15 Jordan worked with), nor medical sales reps (beaucoup) to the newest and most life transforming gait aid on this planet.  Not one physical therapist nor medical sales rep introduced Jordan to a product that could dramatically change his lifestyle and degree of independence, yet be conveniently worn and then transformed within a matter of ten (10) seconds into a comfortable to sit on Backpack Chair designed to allow for a knee angle of more than 90°, that helps one sit straight and prevents back pain.

After all of the initial difficulty Jordan had learning to walk again, one would think that wearing an extremely comfortable and light-weight backpack turned chair would have been be a cure-all remedy for his badly fatigued legs when first learning to walk again after his accident.  It baffles Jordan to this date that a product like the  BAGOBAGO BACKPACK CHAIR was not a part of all physical therapist's and medical sales reps available resources as a gait-walking asset and tool for those who have sustained a walking disability by virtue of incurring an injury, accident or for those having experienced the ultimate"Wounded Warrior" sacrifice.   

Enter now Jordan's father, Howard Wiener, JD, LL.M.  Howard distinguished himself while serving in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War by being awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal for his heroism, meritorious achievement and meritorious service.  Howard has over the years developed  back pain and nerve pain in his legs, and illnesses caused by the Agent Orange toxic chemical.  Howard, as Jordan, both have been privileged enough to receive and utilize  the BAGOBAGO BACKPACK CHAIR (Pioneer models), to which neither ever leaves home without it.  Howard uses the backpack as Jordan does for every day outings.  As Jordan stated: "I feel the safest when I am wearing the BAGOBAGO BACKPACK, knowing that I can take rest within seconds when needed, no matter where I am."  

Our leadership is reflective of Jordan's character and caring about people suffering a disability from an accident or injury, like he did, or having succumbed to a service related trauma like his father did.    That is what led Jordan to the the doorsteps of  the BAGOBAGO BACKPACK Company in the Czech Republic, where he proposed the creation of a direct distribution network in the United States through use of such innovative marketing methods  like experiential (observational) marketing  trade shows/conventions/expos, sporting events (such as hiking, biking, climbing, races, canoeing and the like), forums sponsored by the various associations of physical therapists, neuro-muscular physicians, physiatrists, orthopedists, rehabs and clinics, the Veteran's Administration, governmental agencies, hospitals and most importantly 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Organizational groups who focus on the wounded and disabled war veterans, their families and caregivers who share their motivational stories of service and sacrifice with the public to raise awareness for the needs of this generations injured military service members.    Jordan’s 1st Masters Degree in Marketing and Branding from Florida International University and his thesis covering Visually Influenced (Experiential) Marketing  has rewarded him well by equipping him with the knowledge needed to conduct this vast entrepreneurial venture.  Jordan’s passion for creative content and helping others has brought him to the forefront of fulfilling a dream he had over 3 years ago. In 2016, while vacationing  with his  son Michael (now 7 years old) at Disney World in Orlando, Jordan needed a respite; he just wanted to rest his legs on a long line at Magic Kingdom, but there was nowhere for Jordan  to sit comfortably .   It was that night after returning to his hotel room that Jordan saw the light : he discovered the BAGOBAGO BACKPACK CHAIR website, and the rest is history.

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