BAGOBAGO was established in 2012 when three brothers, together with their father Roman, patented the world's first backpack with a built-in chair. As the word of mouth spread out, the company started to grow from a DIY family business to a small scale manufactory. To this day, BAGOBAGO backpacks have been purchased and loved by thousands of customers from around the world.

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Wounded Warrior sitting on ground.jpg

What if an individual had a traumatic accident that left him or her unable to walk long distances or stand for long periods of time ? Our CEO Jordan Wiener experienced that, and now never leaves home without his trusted BAGOBAGO Backpack chair.

What if someone sustained injury from combat and the heroic individual is a proud wounded warrior?  

Envision an individual with a walking/standing disability who is desperately trying to get all of his or her physicality back, being introduced to the BAGOBAGO Backpack Chair. Whether they’re walking at the mall with their families or at a theme park on vacation with their kids, or standing on long lines at Disney World, you know their legs will start to cramp unless they can sit down. But where? On the ground or on a lightweight backpack chair designed by BAGOBAGO to provide rest and relief for their fatigued legs. Picture a disabled/wounded war veteran who cannot walk or stand for extended periods of time due to a combat injury (e.g. an amputee) which severely limits their ability to walk or stand due to their disability. Wounded Veterans, who come back to the USA after being engaged in combat, play a very significant role in BAGOBAGO-USA's targeted market. As per the 2017 U.S. Census Bureau, there were over 4,186,857 noted veterans with “disabling” disabilities.   What dynamic, unique, easy to use modern product could help these above individuals?  The answer?


The world's greatest gait-walking asset for the disabled and "Wounded Warriors"...


The BAGOBAGO BackPack  chair!